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E&ICT Academy
NIT Patna

Advanced Certificate in Machine Learning with Python

This is an Advanced Certificate Program from EarlyRise in collaboration with E&ICT Academy, NIT Patna

Advanced Certificate in Machine Learning with Python

Mode of Training

Online Live Interactive Session

Estimated Course Duration

6 Months

Total Course Session

200 Hrs

Course Eligibility

Bachelor's Degree

About Electronics & ICT Academy, NIT Patna

As an initiative of Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), National Institute of Technology Patna (NIT Patna), formerly Bihar School of Engineering and Bihar College of Engineering, is a public engineering institution located in Patna in the Indian state of Bihar. It was renamed as NIT Patna, by the Government of India on 28 January 2004.The objective of the Academy is to provide skill training to the Faculty Members (Engineering & Non-engineering) in the area of recent trends in engineering & ICT application. The Academy is designing specialised modules for imparting quality training for enhancing employability and capacity building in the area of Electronics & ICT. In the past 7 years the Academy has successfully conducted 300+ Faculty Development Programme through conventional classroom teaching and NKN virtual classroom mode in different Institute/University of North Eastern States in particular and few in other states of India. Till date the Academy has successful trained 18000+ participants. The Academy has also signed MoU with Institutes/Universities for hosting the programmes and for conducting hands-on session the Academy collaborated with Industries as Training/Industry Partners. The Academy is also offering online Advance Certification Course in the area of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Full Stack and VLSI Design and trained 1000+ graduates and working professionals.

Why Learn Machine Learning with Python?

High Demand for Machine Learning Professionals

Python is easy to learn and understand and this helps to easily create machine learning models. Another feature of Python is that it is intuitive and is perfect for a collaborative deployment.Demand for Machine-Learning professionals are so high in market now.

Consistent and Simple

Python offers concise and easy readable code. While complex algorithms and versatile workflows stand behind machine learning and AI, Python’s simplicity allows developers to write reliable systems.

Libraries and Frameworks

To reduce development time, programmers turn to a number of Python frameworks and libraries. A software library is pre-written code that developers use to solve common programming tasks.


EarlyRise and E&ICT Academy, IIT Patna's curriculum has been designed using our rich expertise and industry experience in Machine Learning with Python to bring the best to you.


Precision based Live Hands-On practical with Instructors and Industry Experts to ensure learners have the best industrial application of technology they learn.


Focused personal attention at an individual level from the best-in-class experts from top IITs, NITs and Industry Leading Organizations. With a pragmatic approach towards Mentoring, our experts understand the needs and guide learners appropriately.


An all-encompassing learning experience laced with conceptual understanding and industy based application that can also be fulfilling and rewarding in terms of knowledge.



Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that describes how software and applications can improve their efficiency and effectiveness in making predictions without being explicitly programmed to do so. In order to forecast future output, machine learning (ML) trains computers to integrate new algorithms into their processing power along with previous data.
In order to process information accurately without allocating specialised resources to get the same result, ML is finding its way into a wide range of industries and business of all kinds. As a result, professionals with coding expertise in this area are in high demand.


  • This course can be taken by any fresh graduates, software developers, infrastructure engineers, project managers, delivery heads, Systems operators, Cloud solutions architects, and DevOps engineers
  • However, professionals with knowledge of foundational python programming and statics will have an edge in understanding the concepts.
  • Fresh College Graduates


Estimated Course Duration

200 Hours

Learners Commitment

8 hours per week

Get Curriculum

  • What is Marketing?
  • How we do Marketing?
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Evolution of Digital Marketing
  • Benefits of Digital marketing
  • Digital Marketing platforms
  • Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing
  • Core concepts of Digital Marketing
  • Defining Marketing Goals
  • Latest Digital Marketing trends
  • Introduction to Scikit Learn
  • Features of Scikit Learn
  • Conventions
  • Implementation Steps
  • Vectors (2D,3D)
  • Dot Product
  • Hyperplane
  • Square, Rectangle
  • Hypercube
  • Data Types and its Measures
  • Random Variables,its Application with Variables
  • Probability Application with Examples
  • Probability Distribution with Examples
  • Sampling Funnel-why and how
  • What is Statistics
  • Basic Terminologies in Statistics
  • Types of Statistics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Measure of Central Tendency (MEAN, MEDIAN, MODE)
  • Measures of dispersion (Variance,Standard Deviation,Range-its derivation)
  • Measures of Skewness & kurtosis
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Is Your Data Clean?
  • What is Data Pre-processing?
  • Data cleaning Techniques
  • Introduction
  • 2D Scatter-plot
  • 3D Scatter-plot
  • Pair plots
  • Univariate, Bivariate and Multivariate
  • Histogram
  • Box-plot
  • Variance, Standard Deviation
  • Median
  • IQR ( InterQuartile Range)
  • Introduction
  • Need for Feature Engineering in Machine Learning
  • Steps in Feature Engineering
  • Feature Engineering Techniques
  • Confusion Matrix
  • ROC Curve
  • Cross Validation in Machine Learning
  • K fold Cross Validation & Grid search
  • Linear Regression - Mathematical Intuition
  • Programming of Linear Regression in Python-Scikit Learn
  • Cross Validation in Machine Learning
  • K fold Cross Validation & Grid search
  • Difference between Regression and Classification
  • Various Algorithms in Classification
  • Logistic Regression
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Types of Unsupervised Learning
  • Applications of Unsupervised Learning
  • Introduction to Clustering Algorithms
  • Types of Clustering Algorithms
  • What is K-Means Clustering?
  • Implementation of K-Means Clustering
  • Improving Models
  • What is Association Rule Mining?
  • Algorithms in Association Rule Mining
  • Implementation of Apriori in Python



Professional Certificate From E&ICT Academy, IIT Patna

On successful Course Completion, participants will receive a certificate from E&ICT Academy, IIT Patna. Meity (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India) initiated, E&ICT Academy, IIT Patna has a highly capable team of professors who have been imparting top-notch education programs.

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Program Fee and Payment Method

Program Fee : Rs. 50, 000 + GST

Candidates can pay the program fee through Netbanking, Credit/Debit cards, Cheque or DD

* Up to 50% scholarship for eligible candidates based on assessment score.
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To start with, fill out the course application form. You will have a One-on-One discussion with a Subject Matter Expert from our Technical Team who will conduct an assessment of your candidature and evaluate the selection criteria. Based on the assessment, your application will be shortlisted and can enroll for the course.

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Our support team will assist you with any queries you may have during and after the course is completed.

You will receive a certificate from E&ICT Academy NIT Patna, only upon successful completion of the course including all evaluations and assessments made by the Academy and Us.

This program is designed for 200+ hours including Hands-On practical sessions, project work, assignments and lectures.

All our projects are based on real-life scenarios from the industry to ensure you have a great exposure and variety of conditions

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Salient Features of the Course

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