Make your students employable with the latest technological trend

In the IT industry, a major shift in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cloud computing ,DevOps, Artificial Intelligence,Machine, Deep Learning ,Data Science etc. have taken place and there is a huge gap between demand and supply.For any student interested in working in an IT company, learning trending technology will be highly beneficial.Institutions are also focusing more on courses and training that make students ready for the job.

Empower your students with the right skills and help them to reach the next level of growth

As per the survey conducted by various firms, high number of fresh college graduates are non-employable in India due to gap in skills set which is required by industry to hire.Technology is changing at rapid state.In most of the cases, the education system has not attuned to the curriculum to the changing technological advancement.

The world have moved forward and advance technologies like Cloud Computing, DevOps , Artificial Intelligence ,Data science, BlockChain etc. are becoming mainstream skills set.

The demand for emerging skills from the IT industry and other sectors are going up. EarlyRise born to bridge the skills gap in fast pace technological environment.

Choose EarlyRise and make Your Students Shine

Courses Catering Different Needs

EarlyRise is proud to offer a list of training courses on trending technology to cater all levels. Students can enroll for a course that suits their level of knowledge and jump on the bandwagon.

Detailed and Up-to-date Curriculum

The curriculum of various causes is developed by industry experts with a focus on imparting job-relevant skills. The curriculum are challenging enough for able students to achieve something big.

Focus On Practical Knowledge

Focus is on making students learn to apply what they have learned, instead of just having theoretical knowledge. Concepts are taught through assignments, quizzes, projects that reinforce learning by working on real-world case studies and industry problems.

Make Students Job Ready

Here students are made job-ready and they are given an opportunity to explore career opportunities upon completion of their course. Industry-relevant projects and up-to-date curriculum make them ready for the industry and help get a secure job in the IT field.